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Finally a few half decent photos of my Isabel de Requesens dress! At some point i’ll set up a nice backdrop with drapery and candles, but for right now these will have to do.

The costume was drafted, made, and worn by me. The design was based off of a painting created by Raphael and Gulio Romano in the early 1500s. 

It’s made from linen and velvet. Aside from boning channels and skirt seams it was entirely hand sewn. The embroidery and beading were done by hand as well.

I have several detailed blog posts about the project, which can be found here, and a few videos on making it which are here

(via hoop-skirts-and-corsets)

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"I’m a gnome wizard, and when I was very young, I came in possession of a magical ring of power. My old friend Gondorf, he told me i should take it to the pit of oblivion and cast it in. Yeah, but I didn’t want to so I smothered him in his sleep. And I kept the ring, and It’s given me my source of wizardy powers." [x]